That's the kind of a cat you meet only once in lifetime ...
He is a perfect cat - never bitten or scratched, no damages at home :)
He is always calm and easy, fantastic personality.
He is a good spirit of our home !


He came one day and simply decided to stay.
But - not for nothing! He is our door-guardian ;)
Stays all day on duty, and then in the evening waits for his payment!
But don't worry - no money, only evening meal and warm blanket at home :)
He is a "man with the past" - he has half a ear and half a nose, but keeps ok:)

Rudy Mru (Red Mru)

He joined us in 2009 as an adult, 6-years old - and it wasn't easy!
He was always a single-cat and now would live with others ...
Mru has a strange personality, but is very nice for human. In fact he is the most sociable cat in our house.
He loves kittens, so he felt in love with little Rocco from the very first days together.

Mru is a show-cat - he was to be a show-companion for Rocco, but ... he is also quite succesfull himself!
He is TICA Regional Winner, Supreme Grand Master, FIFe DSM and winner of national Super-cat competitions.

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