.. called also Mad Radek ;)
He was born probably in 2007, came to me in 2009.
He is a kind of stray cat, he loves people and is very friendly. But - he hates other animals!

Radek is also a show-cat!
He is TICA and FIFe registered.
He achieved the highest TICA title - RW SGM - Regional Winner Supreme Grand Master
He was also Felis Posnania Super Cat twice!

Radek's gallery

Radek is looking for a new home! (details : Adoptions)
Brzydal and Baton

Brzydal came in 2006 as an ugly and quite agressive cat. And suddenly one day in 2008 he came to my garden with a little black kitty (with red ears - so he was named Batonik/Candy Bar)
Brzydal adopted Baton and it was the beginning of their great friendship!
They are always together.
Brzydal became a nice, friendly cat, loving people. But Baton is rather stressed, especially by dominant Radek ...  This led to his overweight - cause Baton is still hiding and not moving much.

He came to the allotments area in year 2008 as a young male.
He was very friendly from the beginning - he loved and still loves walking around with me.
He is calm and peaceful cat, he could live with another cat in his new home.

Chudy is looking for a new home!  More details : Adoptions
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