Rocco was at his first ever CFA Show in Niedernhausen (Germany)!
There was a HUGE competition of almost 40 cats in his color division!
After that show Rocco is CFA Champion :)


TICA Show in Poznań - Rocco made 4 finals (7th and 8th AB, 4th and 9th SP)
Niuniek was the second best household pet of the show! (of 7 cats)!


Rocco at FIFE Cats Show in Bydgoszcz :
Saturday - Best in Show, Best in Category and Best of Best 4!
Sunday - Best in Show
Niuniek - only Sunday - Best in Show (of house cats)


Rocco was in Wrocław (FIFe Int Cat Show) and finished his DSM title :)
Saturday - Best in Show and Best of Best III
Sunday - Best in Show and Best of Best IV


Last weekend Rocco was quite successful at Boskovice Fife Cat Show :)
Saturday - Best in Show, Best in Category and Best of Best 4!
Sunday - Best in Show


Little crazy boy Faraon is ready for adoption now!
He's already recovered, his pelvis and knee are healed. He is healthy, vaccinated and microchipped.
The perfect home for Faro is a home with another young crazy kitten!
He can go abroad if you'd love him!


Brought from Gliwice, short-term foster persian Rudik has gone to his new home :)
Good luck sweet red boy! Let it be a forever-home for you!


Two of my cats were again successful at FIFe Cat Show in Gliwice
Rocco unexpectedly (in "summer t-shirt") defeated 3 beautiful competitors and was choosen as 4th best cat of the show (of 335 cats)
Saturday - PH, Nom BIS and Best of Best 4
Sunday - PH, Nom BIS
Mad Radek was really mad of the heat in the hall and refused to cooperate on Saturday ;)
So, he was judged only on Sunday and - also unexpectedly - defeated beautiful girl Bakalia and won his "cat oscar" for Best in Show :)


Sugarcubes Rocco "Grochu" turns 3 y.o. today :)
Happy Birthday crazy boy :)


Faraon (Pharaoh) is a little black boy found today on the street. He probably fell from a window - has a broken pelvis.
He is about 3 m.o., and will stays with me until he'll recover. He will be looking for good home soon.
More pictures

Short-time foster cat Zygmus - he will leave to his new home in few days :)
More pictures

FIFe Cat Show Płock - Rocco - PH and Best Opp.Sex, Rudy Mru - Best Opp.Sex and Best in Show!
Mru is now DSM and  probably ended his show career.


FIFe Cat Show Łódź - Rocco - 2 x Nom BIS
Niuniek (from my adoption) - twice Best in Show and Special Point Show final :)
It was his first time at FIFe Show.


Tolek has a new home! :)

FIFE Show Kościan - Rocco twice PH, Radek 1 x Best Opp.Sex


My boy Sugarcubes Rocco "Grochu" , Mad Radek and sweet siberian boy (as HHP)
from my adoption were at TICA Show in Warsaw last weekend.
Rocco made 5 finals - 7th and 10th at AB, 2nd and twice 3rd at SP rings
and was the best persian of this show :)
Niuniek - second best HHP of the show, lost by a hair with fantastic winner Filip :)
Niuniek is now Quadruple Grand Master :) I'm proud of him and his owner!
Mad Radek was reeeeaaaaally mad ;)


This is my foster-persian, taken from local shelter.
Tolek is black smoke with white, he will be looking for good home soon.
More pictures


My Sugarcubes Rocco is now FIFe National Winner 2013 !
He is also Super Cat of Felis Polonia and Felis Posnania :)


Two of my boys, Rocco and Mad Radek were very successful at Berlin FIFe Show :)
Rocco - Best in Show both days
Radek Best in Show both days
Rocco is now FIFe Supreme Champion!


Wisienka has a new fantastic home !
She will have 3 cat-friends, so I'm sure she shall not be bored anymore :)


My boy Sugarcubes Rocco finished his show-season in Rangsdorf TICA Show. It was very successful again.
He made 3 AB finals (4th and 2x 8th places) and was in the Top 3 of persians on almost every ring!
(4x Best of Breed, 5x 2nd Best of Breed).


Sweet young girl called Wisienka is still waiting for her new home!
She is spayed, vaccinated, deworming, microchiped. Circa 1 y.o.

A stray Maku has a new home :) It was really high-speed adoption ;)


FIFe Cat Show in Poznan - again my club's show was very lucky for my Sugarcubes Rocco :)
He made both days Best in Show and Best of Best! (Saturday - 3rd, Sunday - 2nd)
He won till now 11 x Best in SHow and 7 x Best of Best

My house cats - Rudy Mru - 3rd and 2nd place, Mad Radek - 2nd and 3rd place)


TICA Show in Barleben - Sugarcubes Rocco made 1 All Breed final (7th place)


TICA Show in Poznan was very successful :)
Sugarcubes Rocco made 7 finals and is Quadruple Grand Champion now :)
His finals : 1 x 1st Longhair, 2 x 2nd Longhair, 1 x 4th All Breed, 1 x 5th All Breed, 1 x 9th All Breed, 1 x 9th Longhair :)

Mad Radek made 7 finals and is Quadruple Grand Master now and Niuniek in his debut made 10 finals with 1st places mostly and he is Double Grand Master now :)


Little brave Joy has a new home! Good luck !


FIFe Cat Show in Bydgoszcz - both of my boys were very successful :)
GIC Sugarcubes Rocco - both days CACS and Best in Show :)
Mad Radek - both days Best in Show !

Red Marchewa has a new home :) Good luck crazy boy!


Little sweet black baby-boy Joy is looking for best home!

Little Jaś has a new home :) Good luck sweet boy!


GIC Sugarcubes Rocco 2 x Nom BIS at FIFe Cat Show in Ostrava (Czech R)

Young female found last night is looking for new home desperately!

Int Cat Show (FIFe) in Cieszyn - GIC Sugarcubes Rocco Best Male in Special PER/EXO Show and Nomination for Best in Show :)
Radek (HCS) twice 2nd place - it was his first time at FIFe show

Another little boy, red Marchewa (2,5 m.o.) is looking for new home!

Litlle silver boy (2 m.o.) is looking for good home!

At 3rd Polish TICA Show in Warsaw one of my free-living cat, Mad Radek at his debut made very well and is Double Grand Master now :)
He felt very comfortable and relaxed sleeping at the top of his cage ;)

Sugarcubes Roco made 3 finals (2xAB and 1xSP) and is only one step to his Grand Champion title :)
I'm very happy and proud of him - he was at almost every ring among 3 best persians :)

FIFe Int Cat Show in Goleniów - IC Sugarcubes Rocco Best in Show and Best of Best IV :)
Besides he is Grand Interchampion now :)


FIFe Int.Cat Show in Kościan - IC Sugarcubes Rocco 2 x Best of Best : Saturday BOB III and Sunday BOB IV :)

My house cat Rudy Mru is now officially TICA Supreme Grand Master - and ends his TICA career :)

My two show-friends, Rocco and Rudy Mru are Felis Polonia Super Cats - both 3rd places in their categories :)

Good start of the year 2013 - Maru has a new fantastic home! Good luck!

Cat Show in Gorzow - 10th Best in Show of Rudy Mru :) and Special Prize for the eldest cat of the show !
Rocco started his way to Grand Inter Champion :)

Cat Show in Łódź - Rocco and Mru Best in Show both days :)

After a year of wandering he finally trusted me and came for help.
He is a middle-age male, beautiful classic tabby with cobby body :)
He was named Maru and is looking for a new home where he could spend the rest of his life!

Trisia in her new home now :)
Good luck sweetie!

TICA Show in Barleben (D)
Rud Mru, although in bad mood, was able to become Triple Grand Master
Rocco no successes ;)

Sweet colorful girl Trisia is looking for new home!
She is spayed, vaccinated and microchipped. Very nice personality, patient and calm.

Our first official TICA-show (Września)
Rudy Mru after two show-days is Double Grand Master,
Rocco made two finals (places 9. and 10.) and it was enough for him to be TICA Champion now :)

Our firts show abroad ;) - Ostrava (CZ)
My boys were very successful !
Rudy Mru 2 x Best in Show of house cats,
Rocco - 2 x Best in Variety, 2 x Best in Show and more - Saturday : Best of Best 2, Sunday : Best of Best 3 :)

Goodbye my little Agatka ...
She left after a year-long fight for life :(

Niuniek (rescued Neva Masquerade) left to his new forever home :)
Good luck sweet boy!

Next Int Cat Show - Cieszyn
This time Rudy Mru no success, and Rocco finished with next two cerificate and is FIFe Champion now :)
Besides Rocco won Best male in Special Show of persian cats :)

My Sugarcubes Rocco, called Grochu is 1 year old today :)
Lots of happy days with me crazy litlle boy !

Thank you Jens and Elke for Rocco, thank you for his personality - that's your work!

I've just found a beautiful cat Neva Masquerade - very poor condition, lots of fleas and ticks :(
He weighs only 5,5 kg ...
He will be neutered soon and will be looking for new home

Our next Int Cat Show - Łódź
Rudy Mru again Best in Show - Best Opposite Sex
Rocco turned 10 months old at the second show-day and started in open-class with his first champion certificate :)

Next Int. Cat Show - Szczecin
Again Rudy Mru 2 x Best in Show of House Cats
Rocco was nominated for Best in Show

Rudy Mru debut at Int Cat Show in Leszno
He was to be only a "cat-sitter" for little Rocco - and finally returned with two Best in Show title :)
Rocco was nominated for Best n Show

Rocco was at his first TICA show!
He made 1 AllBreed final (4th kitten) and once 2nd Best of Breed and twice 3rd Best of Breed :)

Rocco's first show in Legionowo - Nom BIS 6-10 Kittens :)

From today we have a new Gagatki-family member - little silvershaded persian Sugarcubes Rocco :)
Thanks Elke & Jens for this crazy little terrorist ;)

Lucek found a new home after 2 years of waiting :)
He lives now with a young friendly cat Kinia :)
Good luck sweety!


Lucek desperately needs a new home ...

Lati in new home again, hopefully for ever!
Good Luck!


Latino is looking for new home again :(

Exo Nelka has a new home :) She will live with persian friend Kacper :)
Good luck!!!!
Thanks Jola for home for these two cats !

Ala has "new" home - her temporary home decided she could stay forever :)

I decided to look for new home for Radek - the big-cat freeliving at allotments.
He's missing man's presence so much that he chases other cats from meals ...

Our new guest - Nelka (exo gs 24 62)
She's in poor condition with broken jaw ...
She will be looking for new home after sterilisation and recovering.

Yoko found new home :)) Good luck !


Young black Lucek's waiting for new home!

Balcony-season opened :)

Latino in new home :)

Łaciak - is looking for a good home!

About 5 y.o, neutered, vaccinated.
He spent all his life on the street, now it's time to change it!
He is friendly and quiet, feels very well at home ... now he's waiting for his own for the rest of life!
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