Welcome to Gagatkowo :)

This is the place for cats - my passion for many many years :)

I take care of and serve my house cats and lots of stray and feral cats in the allotments area. I'm quite often finding cats and kittens that need help - I look then for new homes for them. This is my goal - to make their life better! These cats will be placed in Adoptions site.

My next great passion are persian cats - especially so called chinchilla-persians. There are chinchilla-persians but also shaded persians in this color-group - both in silver and golden. This passion comes from my first persian Rychu - silvershaded, he was almost 18 years with me ...

Because I'm experienced with treating and caring of longhaired cats, I have often persians and exotics from different places. They have often bad experiences from the past ... I carefully look for new homes for them. They always move to new homes after sterilisation, before-adoption visit and with adoption-agreement. These cats will be also placed in Adoptions site.

I am FIFe - Felis Polonia FPL / Felis Posnania member. I have registered persian cattery - Gagatki*PL.
My show-cats are also TICA and CFA registered.
I am against blackyard-breeding - only animals with pedigrees are purebred! Please don't buy animals in the marketplace or internet-auctions!

I finished  COAPE courses -  "Petsitter" and "Think Cat", and also  PawPeds G1-2 internet course

All photos are made by myself, please respect copyright! 
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